Which Horse Breeds Are Ideal for Riding?

American Quarter Horse:

Popular in the U.S., versatile for English and Western riding, great for beginners due to their calm temperament, but some can be energetic.


Known for speed and endurance, they are often seen as "hot-headed," but many are quiet and reliable, especially geldings.


Primarily bred for racing, often too energetic for novices; non-racing types can be calm and suitable for beginners.

American Paint:

A mix with American quarter horses, they are calm, sociable, good with children, and easy to train with their intelligent nature.


Ideal for families, Morgans are attentive, social, eager to please, forgiving for beginners, and responsive for experienced riders.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse:

Gaited for a smooth ride, gentle, and favored by older riders or those with joint issues due to their easygoing nature.

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse:

Known for their comfortable "foxtrot" gait, they are friendly and gentle, making them great for family riding.

Icelandic Horse:

Hardy and long-lived, they offer a smooth "tolt" gait and mature later; their smaller size makes them less intimidating for new riders.