Top 9 Must-See Animals in America

The American bison, also known as buffalo, is the largest land animal in North America. These massive creatures once roamed the continent

American Bison

The grizzly bear is a subspecies of the brown bear found in North America. Known for their impressive size and strength

Grizzly Bear

American alligators are large reptiles native to the southeastern United States. These apex predators are often seen basking in the sun

American Alligator

The bald eagle, America's national bird, is a powerful raptor known for its striking white head and tail feathers and sharp yellow beak.

Bald Eagle

Also known as cougars or pumas, mountain lions are elusive and powerful predators that roam the Americas.

Mountain Lion

The gray wolf is an iconic predator of North America, known for its complex social structure and haunting howl.

Gray Wolf

Moose are the largest members of the deer family, easily recognizable by their massive size, long legs, and distinctive antlers on males.


American black bears are the most common bear species in North America, known for their adaptability to various habitats.

American Black Bear

Often called sea cows, manatees are large, gentle marine mammals that inhabit the coastal waters and rivers of the southeastern United States.