Top 8 Keto Approved Foods to Accelerate Fat Loss

Chicken Thighs:

Rich in fat and B vitamins, chicken thighs are a suitable option for keto diets, providing energy and essential nutrients.

Pork Chop:

High in protein and essential amino acids, pork chops support muscle maintenance and offer vital minerals like phosphorous and selenium.

Sirloin Steak:

A red meat choice for keto followers, sirloin steak is packed with iron, zinc, and B12, essential for energy production and muscle health.


An oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon offers numerous health benefits including reduced chronic disease risk and essential vitamins.


Another omega-3 rich fish, mackerel provides protein, B12, and selenium, contributing to overall health and wellbeing.


Versatile and nutritious, eggs are high in protein and vitamins, making them ideal for breakfast or snacks on a low-carb diet.

Greek Yogurt:

Full-fat Greek yogurt is a protein and calcium source, perfect for breakfast or a pre-bed snack to support muscle health.

Buffalo Mozzarella:

Rich in calcium and protein, buffalo mozzarella is low in sugar and carbs, ideal for boosting protein intake.