Top 7 Tips to Combat Dry and Dull Skin

AVOID HARSH CLEANSERS: Your skin's natural oils should be preserved, therefore it's best to avoid using harsh cleansers containing synthetic substances. Rather, use a mild cleanser that won't irritate .

HYDRATE: Maintaining properly hydrated skin begins with drinking enough of water. Maintain a daily water intake of six to eight glasses.

EXFOLIATE: Every day, use a gentle, enzymatic exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating gently removes cellular debris from the skin's surface, making it seem healthier and more radiant.

USE A FACIAL OIL AT NIGHT: Protect your face from environmental aggressors by using a facial oil as part of your nightly skincare regimen. If you suffer from nighttime dehydration, try using a face oil.

AVOID ANY SKINCARE PRODUCTS CONTAINING ETHANOL: You should stay away from anything that contains ethanol alcohol all year round. The skin feels dry and parched after using this,

USE A FACIAL SERUM & MOISTURISER: An essential part of any skincare regimen is using a moisturiser and a face serum. Apply a very moisturizing face serum as a pre-treatment to soften and prepare your skin. 

AIM FOR 7-8 HOURS OF SLEEP PER NIGHT: You should strive to get seven or eight hours of sleep nightly. It was mentioned, wasn't it? Nighttime is when your skin repairs and renews the most.