These 8 Large Indoor Plants Feel Like a Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

Dracaena Compacta Cane

Dracaena is beloved among plant lovers for its low-maintenance care, and the compacta cane variety is no different. The slender silhouette and tight leaves.


Affectionally known as the elephant ear plant, the alocasia thrives in hot and humid conditions, making it an ideal houseplant for bathrooms or sunrooms.

Money Tree Plant

The money tree plant has long been beloved by those who practice feng shui, as it is believed to bring good luck and fortune. Not to mention, they are also very easy.

Ficus Alii Braid Plant

Also known as the banana-leaf fig, ficus alii is much more forgiving and less prone to leaf drop than its cousins. While it will survive in bright, indirect light, consider placing it in direct.

Rubber Tree 'Burgundy'

The rubber tree is known for its striking glossy leaves that transition from a deep red to a rich emerald green, symbolizing abundance. Although native to the rainforest.

Bird of Paradise

It's nearly impossible to name a more captivating houseplant than the bird of paradise. While flowering indoors is difficult, this tropical gem still makes a statement with its elegant.

Snake Plant

Beginners tend to gravitate to snake plants as they are notoriously easy-going and tolerate a range of growing conditions. The sword-like leaves of this evergreen can grow.

Olive Tree

Move over fiddle leaf fig, the olive tree is the new "it" houseplant. Its sage-colored leaves and delicate silvery branches add sophistication to any room. 

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