The Top Hair-Care Trends of 2024

Strong Demand for Bond-Building Products

The trend towards bond-building products continues to thrive in 2024, driven by the persistent need for effective hair repair solutions and prevention of breakage.

Dermatological Approval

Dermatologists are increasingly recommending bond builders such as Olaplex as a viable solution for conditions like acquired trichorrhexis nodosa (ATN), which weakens hair shafts due to repetitive styling.

New Product Launches

Anticipate the introduction of innovative bond-repairing ranges from leading brands like L’Oréal Paris and dpHue, incorporating advanced ingredients such as cystine bis-pg-propyl.

Cautionary Notes on Overuse

While bond builders offer significant benefits, experts caution against excessive use, particularly when coupled with frequent heat styling or chemical treatments.

Rise of Fragrance-Free Hair Care

The shift towards fragrance-free hair care products reflects a broader consumer demand for gentler formulations that cater to sensitive scalps.

Emphasis on Shine-Enhancing Products

The market is witnessing a surge in shine-enhancing products designed to deliver softer, more lustrous hair textures. Innovations like Ouai’s Hair Gloss.

Addressing Hard Water Effects

With a growing awareness of the detrimental effects of hard water on hair health, specialized products are emerging to combat mineral buildup and restore hair vitality.