The best hairstyle for you according to your zodiac sign

If, as an Aries, you have always wanted a dramatic haircut, go for it! Matching your fire personality, the traditional pixie cut is stylish and makes a big impression.

Aries (Classic pixie)

A great appearance for Leos is the hairstyle of the 1990s supermodels. You will feel glitzy and those big, lush waves will be precisely the statement you want to make.

Leo (90's supermodel hair)

Should you be a Sagittarius and want to make a change, consider getting a contemporary mullet. It's easy to look after while on the road and edgy but fashionable.

Sagittarius (Modern mullet)

Since Geminis are also prone to having short fused thoughts, a new blowout is ideal because it's temporary. How about asking for one the next time you visit the salon?

Geminis (Fresh blowout)

Libras should have fashionable yet useful hairstyles. Playful fringe and a wavy shape look fantastic; they are easy to wear and require little effort.

Libras (Sweet and wispy fringe)

An undercut also has the advantage of letting the hairdresser chop your hair into whatever design or form you like. Then you may truly customize your cut.

Aquarius (Edgy undercut)

A good alternative are waves in the Old Hollywood style. A Cancer's girl next door charm will look great in this easygoing, sophisticated ensemble.

Cancer (Romantic waves)