The Benefits of Raised Vegetable Gardens

Aesthetic Appeal

A raised bed garden worthy of a magazine photo shoot may be created by building multiple beds at equal intervals or in a potager-inspired pattern, adding stone walks and an arbor.

Superior Soil

Raised beds regulate soil. These beds let you regulate soil content and structure to provide your plants a nutrient-rich environment, whether you have clay soil or a soil-borne illness.

Healthier Harvests

Crop rotation is straightforward in a kitchen garden with raised beds. Rotating crops prevents soil pests and maintains soil health.  Raised beds are easy to replace as soil nutrients decline each season.

Prolific Produce

Growing healthful food doesn't need acres of land. Raised beds enhance growing area by supporting vining vegetables vertically. Lettuce may under-plant trellised peas. Surround the bed with radishes.

Water Control

Many in-ground gardens become wet, but raised beds drain well. Raised beds also reduce irrigation waste. Properly installed drip irrigation systems, like Johnny's Selected Seeds' Raised Bed Drip Kit

Pest Protection

Pest Protection Adding natural habitats to your garden is great, but no one wants pets devouring your carefully maintained vegetables. Raised beds prevent animals from eating crops.

Season Extension

Gardeners eagerly await spring planting after cold, gloomy winters. These beds' soil warms faster than the ground in spring, enabling earlier crop planting. Add basic low tunnels to extend harvests till late autumn.