Rare Colores: 7 Flowers With a Striking Color Palette

Steel Blue Wonders

Admire the Blue Puya's rare steel-blue blooms that add a touch of South American charm to your garden. It's a stunning centerpiece for any outdoor space.

Fiery Elegance

Add a pop of color with the Parrot s Beak plant. Its fiery orange and red blooms, shaped like a parrot's beak, make it a striking garden centerpiece.

Turquoise Beauty

The Jade Vine's cascading turquoise blooms are a rare spectacle. Originating from the Philippines, this plant adds a tropical touch to your garden.

Himalayan Blue Poppy Splendor

The Himalayan Poppy's vibrant blue flowers bring a serene vibe to your garden. This rare plant offers a splash of Himalayan charm with its stunning hues.

Deep Maroon Delight

With deep maroon, almost black flowers, the Chocolate Cosmos captivates with its unique color and vanilla-like scent, adding elegance and aroma to your garden.

Tropical Flair

The Bird of Paradise plant stands out with its bright blue and orange blooms resembling a bird in flight. It's a tropical masterpiece for any garden.

Mysterious Beauty

The Black Bat Flower, with its large, bat-like black blooms and whisker-like filaments, adds an exotic and mysterious allure to your garden.

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