Low-Maintenance and Low-Light Office Plants

The Dracaena snake plant is tough. Avoid buying a cultivar that grows several feet too tall for your workstation by reading the plant label. Instead, choose 'Futura Superba' or 'Whitney' dwarfs.

Snake Plant

African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are a good office plant for tiny spaces. African violets may blossom with a fluorescent lamp. This plant thrives in north or east windows, but avoid direct sunshine.

African Violet

Indoor English ivy (Hedera helix) needs medium light and water. Ivy tendrils may be wrapped around a tiny trellis or obelisk for a live art piece if they become too wild. 'Silver Dollar' and 'Yellow Ripple'

English Ivy

The ZZ plant, Zamioculus zamifolia, is a drought-tolerant succulent that tolerates little light and water. The plant can survive on fluorescent lights alone. The 'Raven' cultivar's virtually black stems and leaves

ZZ Plant

Sunlight on a sunny office window sill makes aloe vera simple to grow. Standard Aloe barbadensis miller looks well in a contemporary workplace. Try the diminutive 'Minibelle' or speckled 'Tiger Tooth'.

Aloe Vera

With its glossy green foliage and trailing habit, the carefree philodendron brightens a workplace in natural light or a comfortable nook. Philodendrons need frequent hydration to be luxuriant, so a self-watering container may help.


Air plants, like Tillandsia, don't need soil. You can use fishing line to attach air plants to a piece of driftwood, put different kinds of air plants in a small aquarium, or arrange them in a creative way.