Instant Pot Salsa Chicken Recipe


A flavorful and tender chicken dish cooked in the Instant Pot with salsa, perfect for tacos, salads, or rice bowls.


Chicken breasts Salsa Taco seasoning Chicken broth Lime juice

Steps: 1

Prepare the chicken: Place chicken breasts in the Instant Pot, ensuring they are evenly spread out.

Steps: 2

Add salsa and seasoning: Pour salsa over the chicken and sprinkle taco seasoning evenly on top.

Steps: 3

Pour in broth: Add chicken broth to the pot, ensuring it covers the bottom without washing off the seasoning.

Steps: 4

Pressure cook: Seal the Instant Pot, set to high pressure, and cook for 15 minutes.

Steps: 5

Shred and serve: Once cooking is complete, shred the chicken with forks, mix with sauce, and serve with a squeeze of lime juice.