Hairstyles You Should Try If You Have A Larger Forehead

Bob with Full Fringe

The ideal haircut for a long face and large forehead is to jump right into the bangs gang and sport a blunt bob. The blond bob draws the gaze to the mouth area (away from the forehead)

Chin Length Bob with Blunt Bangs

Paring short hair with thick bangs to hide the forehead is one of the best haircuts for people with broad foreheads. Use hair powder at the roots of your hair if you want greater volume.

Long Hair with Central Parting and Body Waves

Parting is an excellent way to hide a large forehead. Hairstyles with center parts assist push hair to the front, partially covering the forehead and drawing attention to your eyes.

Big hair and full bangs

An excellent example of a haircut for an oval face with a large forehead is this one. Bangs conceal a large forehead while also cutting the length of an oval face's natural form.

Soft Waves with Face Framing Layers

It's not necessary to always obtain a fresh haircut in order to hide a large forehead. To balance your features, simply arrange your hair in the proper way to add volume where you want it.

Light Blonde Hair with Thin Bangs

The ideal runway look is wispy golden blonde hair with long bangs that match. Seek the assistance of your stylist for a shadow root color to add depth and dimension.

Caramel Highlights and Swooping Bangs

Warm highlights will give your hair lots of effortless volume and lovely movement. To draw attention away from your prominent forehead and toward the rest of your face,