9 Scientifically Proven Effective Ways To Build Muscle Fast

Training volume reps times sets is a major factor in hypertrophy. Lowering weight may improve volume more than you think.

Grow Muscle: Increase Your Training Volume

Anything you lift has a concentric (agonist muscle contracting) and eccentric (agonist muscle stretching) phase. A squat is an eccentric motion. Returning to standing is concentric.

Grow Muscle: Focus on the Eccentric Phase

Fitzgerald advises resting for 30 to 90 seconds to release muscle-building chemicals like testosterone and human growth hormone and fully tire your muscles while lifting for hypertrophy.

Grow Muscle: Decrease Between-Set Rest Intervals

Muscle-building meals are more crucial for protein consumption to support recovery after harder lifting activities.

Grow Muscle: Eat More Protein

It might be difficult to adjust, especially for individuals who watch calories to lose weight.

Grow Muscle: Focus on Calorie Surpluses

Casein protein, popular with bodybuilders, enters slowly into the circulation, keeping muscles supplied with amino acids longer than whey and plant proteins.

Grow Muscle: Snack on Casein Before Bed

More than nutrition is needed for muscle repair. Fitzgerald recommends eight hours each night for healing.

Grow Muscle: Get More Sleep

The natural chemical promotes muscle development by improving high-intensity lifting performance.

Grow Muscle: Try Supplementing With Creatine 

Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, a naturally occurring substance, promotes muscle development, prevents muscle breakdown, and improves recovery.

Grow Muscle: Add HMB