9 Items You Should Discard Immediately

Old pancake mix

Packaged pancake mixes, like many other cake mixes, can pose health risks under certain conditions. They can harbor hidden mold and bacteria, which may be dangerous

Dried flowers

Pets often chew on items they shouldn't, which can be risky if you have dried flower arrangements in your home.

Expired makeup

Yes, beauty products can indeed expire and pose risks if not discarded properly. They can lead to breakouts, skin infections, and even vision loss if used past their expiry date. 

Wire hangers

Your favorite items may get harmed if you hang your garments on cheap wire hangers for an extended length of time. 

Old dish sponges

kitchen sponge is found to be the most bacteria-ridden item in your home. Its porous texture and ability to absorb liquids create an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. 

Stale spices

Spices are often assumed to last indefinitely, but they can indeed go bad. According to a report from the FDA, common imported spices have a higher contamination rate.

Cheap jewelry

The Ecology Center, a non-profit organization, conducted tests on 99 pieces of jewelry bought from 14 discount stores across the country, including Target, Claire's, Forever 21, and Walmart. 

Air fresheners

Air fresheners, despite their pleasant scents, can harbor harmful toxins known as phthalates, which are often not listed as active ingredients. 

Off-brand phone chargers

Choosing a cheap charger at the airport might seem convenient, but it can actually pose risks to your expensive smartphone. 

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