9 Cute back-to-school Hairstyles to copy

Half-Up for Medium Hair

Even royalty has school days! Princess Charlotte’s favorite hairstyle, a half-up look perfect for her medium-length hair

Double Dutch Braids

What screams "school-ready!" louder than these charming braids? Double Dutch braids, also known as reverse French braids, can be styled all the way down.

Statement Bow

Here’s how to make a grand entrance: Channel JoJo Siwa’s iconic style by topping off her ponytail with an enormous emphasis on enormous bow.

Headband for Short Hair

If she's tired of her long hair, think about giving her a stylish chop like Rowan Blanchard's longer pixie cut. No matter the length.

High Ponytail for Medium or Long Hair

Instead of pulling your daughter's hair back into a half ponytail, try creating a deep side part first and gently section off the hair that frames her face.

Kids' Crown Braid Hairtyle with Beads

She'll feel regal walking through the hallways with this timeless braided updo, especially adorned with a few adorable beaded hair clips

Buns and Hair Bows

Double the buns, double the fun! Elevate this trendy style with a feminine touch using satin ribbons in coordinating colors.

Low Side Ponytail

For a chic look with longer hair, consider pulling her low ponytail over one shoulder. Use bobby pins to secure the hair neatly along the nape of her neck.

Multi-Wrap Headband

Whether she prefers her hair up or down, a headband like Amandla Stenberg's can keep strands neatly away from her face