9 Best Hot Chocolate Mixes According to Experts

Crow & Moss Honduras Wampusirpi Drinking Chocolate

70% luxurious dark chocolate with rich notes of honey, coffee, and toasted nuts, sourced sustainably from a remote region in Honduras.

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Classic and comforting hot chocolate mix made with cocoa powder, nonfat milk, and coconut oil, evoking nostalgic memories of childhood.

Nestle Rich Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Affordable and nostalgic hot chocolate with an old-school milk chocolate flavor and a balancing salty finish.

Spicewalla Classic Hot Chocolate

High-quality Dutch Process cocoa powder with added cinnamon and vanilla for an indulgent and spicy chocolate flavor.

Lococo Hot Chocolate

Dairy-free mix with organic cocoa, coconut milk, adaptogenic mushrooms, and warming spices, perfect for spiking with bourbon or amaro.

Starbucks Hot Cocoa

Double chocolate mix replicating the taste of in-store hot chocolate, perfect for making peppermint mochas at home.

La Parisienne Drinking Chocolate

Luxurious 62% cacao dark chocolate with Madagascar vanilla bean, ideal for gifting and enjoying with a pastry.

Sillycow Hot Chocolate Mix

Allergy-free mix made with natural cane sugar and cocoa, produced in a facility free from major allergens, and packaged in a reusable glass carton.

Compartes Luxury Milk Hot Cocoa Mix

Decadent handmade mix from Los Angeles, offering a rich indulgence with milk chocolate flavor, alongside premium white and extra dark hot cocoa options.