9 Best Barbell Pads for Strength Training, According to Fitness Trainers

LARA STAR Bench Press Block

Provides targeted assistance for the lockout phase of bench presses. Limits range of motion, offering protection to shoulders and allowing safer workouts.

ABMAT Hip Thrust Pad

Versatile 6-layer foam design suitable for hip thrusts, kneeling exercises, and sit-up variations. Made with a durable Cordura outer layer for enhanced longevity.

Gymreapers Barbell Squat Pad

Constructed from 100% neoprene, providing both cushioning and durability. Features a groove for added support where the bar hits the hips.

Iron Bull Strength Advanced Barbell Pad

Durable high-density foam construction suitable for heavy loads.  Offers easy positioning and stays securely on the bar. Recommended by fitness experts for its comfort and stability.

Airex Balance Pad Standard

Provides ample surface area for comfortable hip thrusts and kneeling exercises. Constructed with proprietary foam for stability under heavy weights. Highly rated by reviewers for its versatility and cushioning.

ProFitness Barbell Pad

Features a velcro strap closure for a secure fit on Olympic barbells. Offers over 3.5 inches of solid padding for comfort during workouts. Backed by a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Bellabooty Belt

Designed to hold dumbbells, kettlebells, or plates for hip thrusts. Rated to support up to 400 pounds, providing ample stability. Highly praised by buyers for its comfort and portability.

CAP Barbell Protective Pad

Affordable option with a loop and hook-style closure for easy setup. Provides firm and stable padding, suitable for beginners and modest loads. Offers excellent value for its price point.

Troy Commercial Grade Bar Pad

Low-profile yet firm pad ideal for heavier loads. Made with high-density foam and a neoprene cover for durability and comfort. Provides excellent cushioning and protection during workouts.