8 Of the best makeup looks for green eyes to bookmark immediately

 Smoky Bronze Eyes

Bronze and copper tones make green eyes pop. Apply bronze shadow on the lid, blend with darker copper in the crease, and add shimmer on inner corners.

Soft Purple Hues

Light lavender and deep plum shades contrast beautifully with green eyes. Apply lavender on the lid, plum in the crease, and deep purple on the outer corner.

Golden Glam

Gold eyeshadow highlights green eyes. Apply gold shimmer on the lid, blend with darker gold or brown in the crease.

Classic Winged Eyeliner

A sleek black winged eyeliner emphasizes green eyes. Keep eyelid simple with neutral shadow, create a sharp wing, and finish with mascara.

Emerald Green Eyeshadow

Complement green eyes with emerald shades. Apply emerald shadow on the lid, blend darker green or black in the crease.

Peachy Tones

Soft peach eyeshadow gives a fresh look, enhancing green eyes. Apply peach on the lid, blend darker peach in the crease.

Bold Red Lips

Pair minimal eye makeup with bold red lips to draw attention to green eyes. Use neutral eyeshadow, thin black eyeliner, and mascara.

Neutral Browns

Earthy brown tones create a natural look for green eyes. Apply light brown on the lid, blend medium brown in the crease, and use dark brown eyeliner.