8 Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Incredibly Common


Calcium isn t just for bones it's crucial for nerve, muscle, and heart health. A deficiency weakens bones, increasing fracture risk.

Essential Fatty Acids

Omega-3 deficiency or excessive omega-6 intake from processed foods can lead to skin issues like acne and brittle nails.

Folic Acid

Vital for red blood cells and crucial in pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. Low intake risks anemia and heart disease.


Inadequate intake or absorption can cause anemia, fatigue, and pale skin. Risk increases during pregnancy and with certain conditions.


Essential for nerve and muscle function, deficiency symptoms include muscle cramps and abnormal heart rhythms.

Vitamin A

Supports vision, immunity, and skin health. Deficiency can lead to infections and night blindness.

Vitamin B12

Essential for red blood cells and neurological function. Vegans and older adults are at higher risk of deficiency.

Vitamin C

Acts as an antioxidant, aids in iron absorption, and prevents scurvy. Crucial for collagen production and overall health.

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