8 Loveable Live Aquarium Plants for Fish

Dwarf Anubias 

Dwarf Anubias is perfect for small tanks, growing up to 4 inches tall. It thrives with moderate light and can attach to rocks or wood.

Java Fern

Known for its hardiness, Java Fern grows well attached to driftwood. It prefers low to moderate light and can reach up to 8 inches.


This versatile stem plant grows quickly and can be left floating or planted. It thrives in moderate light conditions.

Parrot's Feather

With feather-like fronds, Parrot's Feather adds a vibrant touch to aquariums. It requires moderate to bright light and prefers alkaline water.

Marimo Moss Balls 

These unique algae balls are easy to care for and provide a fun aesthetic. They do well in medium to bright light.

Water Hawthorn

A bulb plant that blooms seasonally, providing shade and visual interest. It prefers cooler temperatures and a peat/loam substrate.

Umbrella Hair Grass 

This tall grass-like plant propagates via runners and provides good background cover. It thrives in nutrient-rich water and moderate to bright light.

Amazon Sword 

Known for its large, green leaves, Amazon Sword is a root feeder that prefers nutrient-dense substrate and moderate to bright light.

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