8 Fragrance Trends Top Perfumers See Everywhere

Complex Gourmand

Gourmand fragrances with vanilla are popular due to their unique scent on different people. Trending notes include cherry, candied apple, and chocolate.


Luxury fragrances are trending with rich compositions and beautiful bottles. Gourmand notes like caramel, pistachio, and tomato leaves are gaining popularity in this space.

Clean and Eco-Conscious

Brands are focusing on natural, cruelty-free ingredients and sustainable packaging. The rise in formulations without harmful chemicals reflects consumer consciousness.

Gender-Neutral Niche

Genderless fragrances with woody notes and rose are trending. Consumers are building a wardrobe of scents rather than sticking to one.

Non-Perfume Fragrances

The rise of luxury non-perfume scents includes products like perfume-deodorant and scented household items, offering a fine fragrance approach to everyday chores.


Brands are offering bespoke perfumery with simple formulas meant for layering, allowing consumers to create their unique scents.


Oud fragrances, known for their earthy and woody aroma, are experiencing a renaissance, especially in the U.S., with innovative scent combinations.