8 Designer Solutions For That Large Blank Wall In Your House

Large Wall Art for Living Room: You should absolutely consider hanging a large wall décor item in your living room if the ceiling is high. The most crucial factor to consider when looking at enormous art is that it should be to-scale.

Gallery Wall: Gallery Wall Finding large enough artwork to fill a bare wall might be difficult. To avoid having just one or two large artifacts, make a gallery wall instead.

The Rule of Threes: The rule of threes states that odd numbers, such as three, are visually more appealing than even ones when it comes to interior design. By hanging a three-piece framed art set in your living room, you may embrace this idea.

Built-In Bookshelves: An otherwise blank wall in your living room is perfect for decorating with built-in bookshelves. Think about arranging the books on the shelves in monochrome or with only neutral colours for a sophisticated.

Simple Surfboard: Why not hang a surfboard if you love beachy house design or live near the coast? Without going overboard, a straightforward design without prints or vivid colours can pull off the appearance perfectly.

Make Light With Mirrors: Hanging several mirrors is one of the greatest wall décor ideas for living rooms. By positioning it across from a window, you may double the amount of light and give the impression that the space is larger.

Ceiling-Height Shelves with Rolling Ladder: Are you looking for ideas for tall wall decor? A rolling ladder with shelves that reach the ceiling might be the most elegant option, regardless of whether you choose a built-in bar or a library style.

Temporary Wallpaper: A great design option for a blank wall is temporary wallpaper. The peel-and-stick application may be removed without causing damage to the surface underneath.