8 Classic Black Women Over 50 Hairstyles

A timeless style for short natural hair, featuring cropped sides and a fuller top that enhances facial features. Lighter colors around the face brighten the complexion.

Tapered Cut

Versatile on any hair texture, it pulls temples back for a lifted look. Can be sleek with a blowout or textured for a natural feel, adorned with accessories for added glam.

French Braid

Trendy and adaptable, ideal for all densities and curl types. Transitions seamlessly from day to night. Use K18 Peptide Prep Detox shampoo for a clean, product-free reset.

High Ponytail

Effortlessly chic for the low-maintenance naturalista, highlighting facial features. Maintain scalp health with K18 Peptide Prep pH maintenance shampoo, enhancing curls with a curling tool.

Cropped Cut

Versatile and low maintenance, styled with natural or faux locs. Highlighted with color and a side sweep to accentuate eyes and eyebrows. Cleanse with K18 Peptide Prep pH maintenance.


A quick style change like Halle Berry's curly wig adds volume and frames the face. Maintain resilient curls with lightweight curling foam for voluminous appeal.


Chic and protective, framing the face without overwhelming features. Start with clean hair using K18 Peptide Prep pH maintenance shampoo for moisture retention.


Celebrates natural hair texture with structure and volume. Accentuates bone structure and cheekbones, styled using Dyson Supersonic dryer for added definition.

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