8 Best Wildly Delicious Weeknight Dinners For July

Smash Burger Tacos

These comfort food hybrids feature crispy, juicy beef patties, melty American cheese, and classic burger fixings on a toasted flour tortilla, perfect for combining burger night and taco night.

Giant Party Sub

This creative party sub uses a Bundt pan to bake bread, transforming a classic sandwich into a show-stopping centerpiece for any picnic or summer potluck.

Burger Bowls

These versatile burger bowls are packed with cheesy, saucy, veggie goodness, offering all the flavors of a juicy cheeseburger without the heavy aftermath.

Kibbeh-Spiced Lamb Skewers

Grill or broil these lamb skewers seasoned with kibbeh spices, and serve with easy homemade or store-bought tzatziki for a deliciously charred and flavorful dish.

Chicken Burgers

These juicy, flavorful chicken burgers are a satisfying alternative to beef burgers, perfect for when a burger craving hits without compromising on taste.

BBQ Pulled Mushrooms

These chewy, sticky, and meaty BBQ pulled mushrooms are hearty enough to convert mushroom skeptics and are ideal for vegan BBQ guests, coming together in less than an hour.

Salmon Tacos

These fresh, zesty salmon tacos offer a delicious alternative to traditional Baja-style fried fish tacos, easy to make and bursting with flavor.

Queso Mac & Cheese

This creamy, spicy mac & cheese is a fiesta in your mouth, making a perfect side dish that pairs wonderfully with hot dog tacos for a fun and flavorful meal.

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