8 Best US Cities Where Housing Is Actually Affordable

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The City of Bridges, the second-biggest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia, is well-known for its varied neighborhoods and array of housing possibilities, as well as for its robust labor sector.

Omaha, Nebraska

The most populated city in Nebraska, known as the Gate City of the West, is also the location of four Fortune 500 businesses and is well-known for its start-up culture.

Louisville, Kentucky

Muhammad Ali, the boxer, KFC, the University of Louisville, and the Kentucky Derby are all based in Louisville.

Cincinnati, Ohio

According to Redfin data, this Ohio community is renowned for its reasonably priced property, with a median home sale price of $225,000.

Buffalo, New York

Because of its vast parkland, Buffalo, the second-biggest city in New York State, is referred to as the City of Trees.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is well-known for the Philbrook Museum, Boston Avenue Church, and the landmark Route 66 sign.

Memphis, Tennessee

Tennessee's second-biggest city, Memphis, is well-known for its involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

Kansas City, Missouri

The largest city in Missouri and the site of Kauffman Stadium, the Nelson Museum of Art, and barbecue unique to the area, Kansas City is dubbed the "Paris of the Plains."