8 Best Picnic Recipes That Are Easy to Make and Take with You

A brunch staple that's easy to transport, tastes great warm or cold, and is both filling and delicious.

Quiche Lorraine

A convenient and tasty option for a picnic, providing a satisfying and refreshing dish.

Tuna Macaroni Salad

A simple and fresh recipe that makes the most of fresh summer cherry tomatoes, ideal for a picnic.


Individual mini quiches that deliver a flavor explosion and are easy to pack for a family picnic

Mini Quiches

Ideal for finger food at a picnic, these biscuits are easy to make and look beautiful on any plate

Cheese Biscuits

A fuss-free recipe that takes just 10 minutes or less, providing a mix of flavors that will keep you hooked.

No-Cook Tuna Rolls

A classic and convenient sandwich option for a picnic, providing a satisfying and easy-to-carry meal.

Club Sandwich

A low-maintenance and customizable recipe that's perfect for a picnic date, offering a simple and delicious option

Tuna Wrap