8 Best Brindle Dog Breeds


The boxer dog has one of the most elegant appearances of any dog. They seem to always have something important to say because of their square jaw and hard eyes.

Treeing Tennessee Brindle

This doggo will undoubtedly make the list with a moniker like that. These hunters alert their two-legged companion by trapping their prey in the tree and baying it once they have located it.

Great Dane

If this breed weren't already striking enough, this gentle giant would look much better with brindle markings! Great Danes are not suitable for people who live in small spaces due to their size.

Boston Terrier

Lovely pointed ears, a short nose, and round eyes? A Boston Terrier, surely! Typically, these dogs have tuxedo coats in black and white, but if you're lucky, you might obtain a Boston brindle.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Its cousin, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has a short, fluffy story, but not the Cardi. They can have coats that are reddish in hue or have merle markings on them.


When a Mastiff and a Bulldog cross paths, what do you get? A Bullmastiff, naturally! Despite not being as massive as Mastiffs, these doggos are nevertheless very powerful.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

These puppies are known for their rock-solid body, huge brown eyes, and square jaws. Staffies are an English breed that unfortunately has a negative reputation sometimes because of its past.


Greyhounds in tiny are how whippets appear. Furthermore, these pups are woofin' fast, much like their much bigger racing buddies! They are quite sweet when they stop running, but they also like a good chase.