8 Beautiful Purple Birds from Around the World

Purple Martin 

The Purple Martin stands out as North America’s largest swallow and is a striking bird to behold. Males are adorned in iridescent deep purple feather.

 Purple Honeycreepe

Small yet resplendent, the Purple Honeycreeper lives in the tropical forests of South America. The male’s dazzling purple-blue body is punctuated.

Purple Gallinule

One of the most colorful marsh-dwellers, the Purple Gallinule sports vivid blue-purple plumage, a red and yellow beak, and long yellow legs.

Purple Sunbird

A dazzling jewel in the sunbird family, the Purple Sunbird is native to South and Southeast Asia. Males in breeding plumage flaunt a dark metallic purple.

Violet-Backed Starling

Known as the amethyst starling for good reason, the Violet-Backed Starling boasts glossy purple feathers that cover the head, back, and chest of males. 

Purple-Crowned Fairywren

Australia’s Purple-Crowned Fairywren is a charismatic bird with a crown of vivid purple feathers atop the male’s head. Females and non-breeding.

Purple Roller 

A member of the roller family, the Purple Roller may not appear entirely purple at first glance. However, its brown and white body is splashed with a deep.

Splendid Sunbird

Splendid Sunbirds are nectar specialists with a diet supplemented by small insects and spiders. Their rapid movements, coupled with stunning plumage.