8 Adorable Short Haircuts for Black Women

Pixie cut with layers.: Look at these important parts! They really take your breath away! They go really well with the darker hair colour.

Short Pixie Cut: When you see this great haircut, African American hair doesn't look so hard to deal with. She looks great with this short haircut, that's for sure.

Bright Pixie Haircut with Highlights: The best proof that highlights can make you look different is right below. Yes, layering and light colours really do make a difference!

Short Blonde Hair for Black Women: If you get a short haircut and dye your hair blonde, you'll look beautiful and glamorous!

Stacked Bob with Horizontal Color Transition: For black women, a good colour job can make any short haircut look better. This bouncy bob mixes two shades that look great together.

Layered Short Hairstyle for Black Women: Get a new cut and try a new hair colour if you want to change up your short black hair. The soft layers that are laid down

Short Black Finger Waves: Cut the back of your hair really short and curl it up in an easy way. The attention you'll get will surprise you.

Hairstyle with a Razor Cut: It should be against the law for her face and hair to look so different from each other. Each hair strand stands out clearly, giving it a classy and beautiful look.