7 ways to organize clothes if you don't have closet space

Create an open closet

It's a terrific idea to create an open closet for people who have small bedrooms. These are as simple as putting in floating shelves to organize items or rails or hanging rods inside alcoves.

Rolling clothes rack

To keep things simple, if you don't have a closet, a clothing rail or rack on wheels might be useful for extra storage.

Display on a bookcase

Why not put stuff on show on a bookcase if you don't have enough closet space? Cubbies or bookshelves are excellent ways to make the most of available space and give a room personality.

Repurpose a coat rack

Hanging outside clothing isn't the only use for freestanding coat racks. An old coat rack or stand can be used to store extra clothing.

Hang clothing on a ladder

Clothes can also be cleverly arranged by hanging them from a blanket ladder. They merely lean against the wall and are frequently used to hang scarves, shawls, and tiny blankets.

Hang on wall hooks

You may easily install wall hooks to hang and organize your favorite stuff, depending on available space.

Reuse wooden crates

If you don't have enough closet space, wooden crates provide an excellent eco-friendly storage option. These can be used to neatly store and show folded clothes or shoes, much like cube storage.