7 Ways to Do 80s Hairstyles

Jheri Curls

This iconic 1980s hairstyle gained popularity in the African American community, famously worn by Michael Jackson on the cover of "Thriller," using chemical softeners and perm rods to create defined curls.

The Perm

Once a staple in 1980s fashion, perms have made a comeback with celebrities like Blake Lively and Beyonce embracing the voluminous curls. Modern perms are gentler, using mild chemicals and heated rods for styling.

The Mullet

Known for its distinctive "business in the front, party in the back" style, the mullet was popularized by David Bowie and has seen a resurgence, sported by Ariana Grande and others with a sleek, flat ponytail style.

80s Glam Metal Hair

Big hair was synonymous with 1980s glam metal bands like Bon Jovi, now revitalized by stars like Billie Eilish, using volumizing products and strategic styling for red-carpet events and social media.

The Hi-Top Fade

Originating as a military haircut, the hi-top fade became a cultural phenomenon among African American men, favored by rappers like Will Smith and Drake for its clean lines and low-maintenance styling.

Feathered Layers and Bangs

Dubbed the "Farrah Fawcett" after the iconic actress, this 80s style remains timeless with stars like Madonna and modern celebrities like Britney Spears opting for its effortless elegance and versatility.

The Side Pony

A casual and easy 80s hairstyle, the side ponytail was popularized by Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, making a comeback with celebrities like Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, styled with strong-hold hairspray for a polished finish.