7 Pixie Haircuts That Look Flawless On Thick Hair

Classic Pixie Cut: A timeless choice, this style features short sides and back with slightly longer layers on top. It's easy to style and showcases the natural volume of thick hair.

Textured Pixie: Adding texture to a pixie cut gives it a modern edge. Ask your stylist to use techniques like razor cutting or point cutting to create layers and movement.

Longer Pixie with Side Swept Bangs: This variation keeps some length in the front for versatile styling options. Thick hair holds the side swept bangs effortlessly, framing the face beautifully.

Edgy Undercut Pixie: For those who like a bold look, an undercut pixie with shaved sides and back contrasts nicely with the fullness of thick hair on top.

Pixie with Choppy Layers: Embrace the natural volume of thick hair with choppy layers throughout the cut. This adds texture and dimension, perfect for a carefree yet stylish vibe.

Asymmetrical Pixie: This style offers a playful twist on the classic pixie. With one side shorter than the other, it adds an element of fun while showcasing the thickness of your hair.

Tapered Pixie with Voluminous Crown: Keep the sides and back short while leaving extra length at the crown for volume.