7 New Dog Breeds Recognized in the 21st Century

2000: Spinone Italiano

An Italian hunting dog with a strong frame and thick coat, the Spinone Italiano dates back to 200 B.C. Tender eyes and bushy brows make these canines appealing to Americans and Italians despite their slightly drooping looks.

2001: Polish lowland sheepdog

Wagging mouths and shaggy hairs that shield their eyes make Polish lowland sheepdogs (PONs) easy to spot and resistant to shedding. Poland, where PONs are so famous they have their own stamp, bred this reliable breed.

2003: German pinscher

German pinschers are a person's closest buddy due to their athletic build and loyalty. More importantly, the ideal breed is smart, active, trainable, and eager to play. Throw in a 14-year lifespan, and you have the perfect dog.

2003: Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

The Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever is a sports breed that attracts ducks to the seashore, making them easy prey for hunters. This tiny, extroverted breed and its water-repellent double coat of fur collect the day's haul

2004: Neapolitan mastiff

The Neapolitan mastiff is big, yet the droopy-chinned purebred is loving and devoted to its owners. This gigantic dog, known as the "big dog of the little man," originates from Roman combat canines, although Alexander.

2006: Plott

Plott hounds are brave and faithful, the finest of both worlds. This breed is popular among large game hunters because to its strong body and silky, black coat. The official North Carolina state dog.

2007: Beauceron

Her intellect, agility, and herding skills make the Beauceron a great guardian. With a pointed head and dark brown eyes, this dog is balanced and nimble. Potential owners should only acquire this breed if they can handle its busy lifestyle.