7 Long Hairstyles You Need to See Before Cutting Your Hair Short

Retro Updo

Create a retro look with a modern twist. Use dry shampoo, gather hair into two sections, secure with elastics, and shape with bobby pins for a classic updo.

Rope Braid

Nina Dobrev's rope braid is easy to achieve. Gather hair into a ponytail, separate into three sections, and braid. Secure with a scarf or cord for a chic finish.

Pigtail Plaits

Upgrade your pigtails with plaits. Part hair down the middle, braid each side, and leave a few strands out to frame your face. Style edges for a polished look.

Stacked Bobby Pins

Transform your look with stacked bobby pins. Brush hair back, add colorful pins behind your ear, and ensure they have sealed ends to avoid snags.

Knot Your Average Pony

Elevate your ponytail with a knot. Twist the front section into a bun, knot the rest through, and secure with a barrette or pin for a stylish finish.


Tame coils with a half-up style. Consider your face shape and ear placement. Experiment beforehand to perfect the look and enhance your best features.

Bandana Wrap

Add flair with a bandana wrap. Tie a scarf around your ponytail, leaving the rest loose. Ensure the scarf fits the "OK test" to avoid it being too thick.

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