7 DIY Gardening Projects That are Perfect for Small Spaces

Consider Raised Beds

Ideal for beginners, raised garden beds offer better soil drainage and require less tilling. They can be placed in the backyard, front yard, or on a patio.

Use Terra-Cotta Pots

Use tiered terra-cotta planters to save ground space, arranging colorful flowers like red tulips, orange tiger lilies, and yellow daffodils for a vibrant display.

Craft a Sun Catcher

Craft a cheerful sunflower sun catcher using a wooden flower, acrylic paint, and sparkling beads to add a sunny accent to your garden.

Make a Wheelbarrow Garden

Repurpose an old wheelbarrow into a rustic flower garden by adding drainage holes, allowing for easy relocation as needed.

Repurpose Vinyl Gutters

Hang flower-filled vinyl gutter planters from a porch using nylon rope to maximize vertical space in small gardens.

Use Plant Supports

Use metal support stakes to help crops grow taller and straighter, keeping plants off the ground for better sunlight exposure and visual appeal.

Incorporate a Small Pond

Create a small fish pond surrounded by natural paving stones, requiring a pond liner and essentials like a pump and filter to maintain fish.