7 Amazing facts about budgies that you must know

Budgerigars require a diverse diet to stay healthy. While formulated pellets should make up around 70% of their food, the remainder can include fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits, and grains. Occasional treats like cooked eggs or meat can be offered under veterinary guidance. Avoiding a seed-only diet is crucial as it lacks essential nutrients.

1. Varied Diet Requirements

Regular check-ups with a bird-savvy veterinarian are essential for budgerigars. These birds can suffer from various medical issues such as injuries, obesity, liver disease, and infections. Since birds conceal signs of illness, annual or bi-annual exams help detect problems early and establish a baseline for their health.

2. Regular Veterinary Care

Budgerigars have impressive mimicry skills and can learn a wide range of words with training. Each bird's vocabulary capacity varies, making them capable of charming their owners with diverse verbal skills.

3. Talking Abilities

While budgerigars enjoy flying like in the wild, ensuring a safe environment is crucial. Potential hazards like other pets, windows, mirrors, ceiling fans, and open doors should be managed.

4. Flying Preferences and Safety

Budgerigars prefer warmer temperatures similar to their native habitats. Ideally, temperatures should range from the upper 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit. Supplementing with a ceramic heat lamp in colder climates and providing natural sunlight (in cages for safety) helps maintain their well-being.

5. Temperature Preferences

Regular bathing is essential for budgerigars to maintain healthy feathers and skin. They should be misted with warm water from a clean spray bottle or provided with a shallow water dish daily or a few times weekly to facilitate their bathing needs.

6. Bathing Habits

Budgerigars enjoy a variety of toys that stimulate their physical and mental well-being. These can include shredding toys, foot toys to promote dexterity, swings, noise makers, and foraging toys. Providing a range of toys helps keep them entertained and engaged.

7. Enjoyment of Toys